Mixing historical elements with modern fabrics is one of Frieda Lepold's main features. Whether 18th century Watteau pleats or structured tops inspired by the eras of corsages and stays - combined with light tulle or shiny silk, these elements give each gown a unique look. 

This fascinating play of eras can be found in every creation by Frieda Lepold. 

The company, which was founded in 2019, specializes in evening and bridal fashion made individually according to the measurements of each customer. The mission behind Frieda Lepold is to fulfill everyone's desire for a dream dress that reflects the individual person, combining the people of the present with the fashionable eras of the past.


Starting from the sketch we will work together closely to ensure the perfect dress for you. We will be taking in your features you want to highlight, your imagination of your dream dress and the colors, embellishments and fabrics you love. With the occasion in mind, we create the perfect dress together.

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