If you want to commission a dress, have questions about specific dresses or are just interested about the possibilities of commissoning, please use our Contact form.

Direct messages on Instagram often go unnoticed and opportunities may be missed. Even if it doesn't result in an order, specific questions are better asked here.

If you have an order you want to place or want to get information about a potential order, you should provide the following information if possible.

- a date or time period when you need the order

-your budget

-your wishes regarding the design

If you do not have a specific date, budget or design request, it is of course still possible to place an order. However, any specifications that exist should be stated directly.


After we received your information and you want to order a dress, we will determine the design together. Everything is possible - a completely new design, a dress you have seen on instagram or the website and love as it is, or in a different color with other fabric or different sleeves, skirt shapes... the possibilities are endless.

Once we have determined a design, you will receive a contract. This contract specifies the design, the end date and your chosen method of payment.

Now the work on your custom gown can start!


While it is of course possible to come by and get fitted in person, it is more common to do it via mail.

After you have placed an order, you will receive a list of measurements that are needed for the pattern. With this list comes a detailed explanation of how to take those measurements. Your individual measurements will then be used to make a pattern specifically for your order. Based on this, a test piece will be made which you receive by mail. You will try on the test piece with instructions how to do so, take pictures, and send them back. Based on the fit of the test piece, the pattern will be altered until it fits perfectly.

The dress will be made using this pattern.


To give price ranges is very difficult because the costs for orders can be very different. Creating a completely new pattern is more time consuming than adapting an existing one for specific measurements. Even if the cut itself may be easier to draft. Looking for new fabrics because a certain colour or feature is desired also takes more time than using a fabric that has already been ordered. This can also affect the price. So it is best to ask for a price with your wishes or idea in mind.

Having a price range in mind that you are comfortable with is very helpful because a lot can be worked out together to create something you are happy with.


Most orders are payed in installments. Since the process takes a certain amount of time, the costs can also be spread over this period. The dress must be paid for in full before it is shipped. Before starting with a commission a deposit has to be paid. This will secure you a spot in our schedule, whether your dress will be made directly or for a future date. How the rest of the payments are made can be arranged individually with each client.